3 thoughts on “Vision Zero in New York City

  1. Luciana

    Very good indeed. The book explores the requalification of those “sick”, saturaded, streets we have right now. Does the way the subject’s approached can be assimilated to the reality of non-planned cities with some big amounts – mainly in historical centers – of extremely narrow lanes? I’m very interested about your book and how it could be helpful to my case…

    1. Street Design Post author

      I’m not sure what cities you’re talking about, but many Italian cities have eliminated or severely reduced traffic on the types of street I think you’re talking about.

  2. Mr. John F. Mulvey

    All type of vehicles are constantly and flagrantly running the full STOP sign at the intersection of STOBE AVE. and ZOE ST. at all hours of the day, plus disobeying the speed limit ! Someone is going to be seriously injured or killed one day and then what, we allsay how sorry we are. This corner needs an unmarked car to at the least observe the traffic violations that occur 24/7 all yearbefore some innocent pays with their life! Thank You.Yours truly, John F. Mulvey.


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